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December 22nd, 2005

11:23 am
Hi, everyone! Does anyone remember a Deborah Copeland? She was in the Agape Force from about 1973-81.

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April 21st, 2005

01:59 pm - The Lifetime Covenant
Agape Force members had to sign a covenant of service. Covenants started out the be a year-to-year commentment, but eventually members where pressured to sign a lifetime covenant. This is the text of that covenant.
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April 17th, 2005

07:44 pm - From the AF Papers - Administaration and Ranking

The Agape Force is a group of people called out to be a specialized ministry
and a common goal. It is a ministry that involves not only telling people
about the power of God's love, but also showing them in practical daily
living as the Scripture exhorts, "...but rather in speech, conduct, love,
faith and purity show yourself an example of those who believe".

When a group of people endeavor to accomplish a common goal, they will
inevitably have different plans of action and opinions as to how that goal
should be accomplished. Therefore if they are to work together, there must be
both a leader who shall say what is to be done, and followers who will carry
out what the leader says.

No matter how sincere or honest the attempt may be, when a group of people
endeavor to accomplish a common goal without a leader, they will hopelessly
fail. Failure is inevitable unless they have a leader whose directions they
follow and whose decisions they obey. Without leadership there will be
confusion, discouragement, and lack of unity.

It has always been God's plan to lead through individuals. This leadership by
man in no way interferes with the leadership of God. God has shown evidenceof
this leadership in nature. Birds fly in flocks, animals roam through the
forest in heerds or companies, and they all have leaders. From the beginning
it has been God's plan to lead man by captains, judges, and kings. Possibly
He might have chosen otherwise but this has been His method.

Some think that every man should ast as he is personally led by the Holy
Spirit choosing his own directions as to what is right and best. We do not
argue that this is possible but again we say that God has always led groups
through designated leadership.

The wisest method of leadership and that which is in agreement with the
government of God, the principles of the Bible, and the practice of men
generally is for men to submit themselves to the guidance of the most
capable, dedicated, willing, and best instructed person among them.

We work under ministries that we believe will, under God, best direct and
mature our lives. In voluntarily committing ourselves as followers of Christ
to the Agape Force, we also responsibly commit ourselves to the leadership of
that ministry. Therefore as long as we serve Christ in that ministry, we must
follow the directions of its leadership.

The following charts show the administrative structure of the Agape Force:

Chart A (typed horizontal to save space)

Ranking Officers --- Regular Members
General Director (then) Field Director (then) Captain (then) Field Captain
(then) Advanced (then) Cadet (then) Trainee (then) Secondary

Chart B
Specialized Officers
Ranking Officer (then) Field Director SP (then) Captain SP (then) Field
Captain SP (then) Advanced SP (then) Cadet

Though the need for leaders is so important, there is a need that is even
greater and that is the need for followers. In fact the first requirement of
a good leader is that he be a good follower.

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April 19th, 2005

03:39 pm - Signed by Steve, Henry, Tim, Peter, Robert, Gabriel, and Greg
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April 17th, 2005

04:58 pm - 1971 article reprinted on the internet machine
I found this article about early AF at: http://www.jesusjournal.com/jj_news/christianunderground.html

From Subculture to Institution

The underground Christian newspapers appear to emerge from the youth subculture to meet the spiritual needs of their own peer group. Many papers have become the basis of communication for a larger organization. Typical of this type of evolution is Peace, formerly published as Rated X in the Los Angeles community of La Puente. Rated X was edited by a 19 year-old ex-drug user named Ferni Casner. Casner, aided by Judy Durham, another drug drop-out who became a Christian, traveled hundreds of miles weekly throughout southern California dropping off bundles of Rated X at more than 25 colleges, coffee houses and communal Jesus houses in 31 local communities.

While virtually a two-person operation, Rated X grew from 5,000 copies to 20,000 copies in a matter of a few months. Casner wrote most of the stories regarding what was happening around the Jesus scene in California, including interviews with leaders of the Jesus Movement. After gathering stories Casner and Durham returned to La Puente to hammer out the stories on a decrepit typewriter.

A close advisor of Casner's, Tony Salerno, a southern California Christian youth leader, supplied spiritual support and often cash in the early days of the publication of Rated X. Salerno, who operates two Christian coffee houses called Agape Inn in La Puente and Agape Inn #2 in nearby Highland Park. When Casner left Rated X to go to college, Judy Durham became the editor, the paper became the official publication of a group called Agape Force headed by Salerno, and the name of the newspaper was changed from Rated X to Peace.

Agape Force members are bent on seeing revival now in America. They expect Jesus to return at any moment. Judy Durham said, "We are sold out to Jesus Christ and want to do nothing more in our lives than glorify God."

The group members constantly preach, sing, carry out witnessing missions at every opportunity, as well as publish Peace. Thus, as is the trend, the newspaper began as a major project of the young people, while other aspects of the ministry grew as the vision for the lost increased.

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